International College

Bachelor's Degree Programs

English for Business Communication
An outstanding program in English communication skills, coupled with business knowledge, which enables graduates to work effectively in national and international organizations
Programs : Regular (4 Year) Semester : 59,500 Total Tuition Fee : 431,000
International Business
Develop important business skills, learn from real experiences, enjoy learning and visiting leading companies in Thailand, experience the real business world abroad, make foreign friends, and learn to work with foreigner
Programs : Regular (4 Year) Semester : 60,000 Total Tuition Fee : 429,500
Information Systems for Digital Business
In-depth knowledge of IT and digital transformation which can transform business organizations with digital ideas, from learning to real-life application
Programs : Regular (4 Year) Semester : 55,000 Total Tuition Fee : 440,000
Aviation Business
Learn all the skills of aviation jobs, such as in-flight service, ground service, food and beverage, cargo, and aviation safety, coupled with business knowledge
Programs : Semester : Total Tuition Fee :
Aviation Technology Management and Flight Operation
Upgrade your skills with a bilingual program dedicated to flight operations; graduate to take the exam for a license to be a flight dispatcher
Programs : Semester : Total Tuition Fee :
Business Innovation
Expertise in business management innovation in the digital age and be able to use technology to run a business efficiently
Programs : Semester : Total Tuition Fee :
Hotel and Culinary Business
The first hospitality program to offer training in hospitality jobs coupled with healthcare and modern culinary business, plus a third language skill to create more opportunities for the future
Programs : Semester : Total Tuition Fee :
Logistics and Supply Chain
Learn a variety of innovative logistical approaches, including strategic planning, problem analysis and problem solving, warehouse management, distribution and transportation
Programs : Semester : Total Tuition Fee :
Learn how to use digital tools to manage an organization creatively and drive business growth with innovation in the digital age
Programs : Semester : Total Tuition Fee :
Management Tourism and Event Business
Deep knowledge of tourism business coupled with event business management and aviation business, enhanced with knowledge of modern technology; ready to enter the field for real practice within the first year
Programs : Semester : Total Tuition Fee :